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We have a winner

Posted on July 16 2012

First of all I want to thank you all for participating and for all the compliments – I love you!

Second, you wrote some really wonderful ideas, and personally it was hard to choose just one of your  ideas.
Eventually I managed to to decide who would be the winner …
Congratulations to Geane Mcdaniels – you are the winner!

I loved the idea of the waterfall! I think it would be amazing to combine it in a waterfall. If you make it, don’t forget to share some pictures with us.

Thank you you all again – Geane contact me and please send me your address.

I just love these ceramic flowers…

One of my favorite items is these one of a kind ceramic flowers. I think that each time I turn on the ceramic kiln, there are some flowers of this sets (I just can’t help it…)
I use and combine them in so many projects and items and actually there are some new ones in this post that aren’t in my shop yet. They will be available in the near future. So far I used these ceramic flowers in jewelry and accessories, wedding decoration, bridal bouquet, home decoration mosaic and art projects.
I would love to hear about your favorites and actually I want to offer you something as well.
Look below at the various designs, if you have other original ideas of how to use these ceramic flowers, just comment here.
In mid July, I’ll choose one of your ideas and the winner will receive a set of 3 unique flowers so you can design and create something cool by yourselves!
How cool is that?
So, what are you waiting for? Are you the next winner?

Cramic flowers in brown and turquoise

 OOAK turquoise necklace

 Aqua and brown ceramic flower pendant “grows” on a sea stone

 OOAK round turquoise and brown ceramic folowers tile

 Mocha and aqua bracelet


 Turquoise boutonniere

 Ceramic aqua and brown napkin ring

Ceramic flowers wedding decoration

 Ceramic flowers

 Ceramic bouquet in turquoise and brown


Alternative bridal bouquet

 Turquoise ring

  Turquoise hair pins 

Square ceramic tiles

Brown and turquoise ceramic tiles

Ceramic aqua flowers



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