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Sometimes, it's the small gestures that convey the greatest care. A petite gift, adorned with a powerful phrase, has the potential to carry profound meaning for your cherished ones.

Crafted by hand from stoneware clay, these massage stones, resembling delicate ceramic pebbles, can be imprinted with your choice of inspirational quotes from a selection of profound Hebrew expressions:

  1. "שמע ישראל ה' אלוהינו ה' אחד" - Sh'ma Israel Adonai eloheinu adonai echad
  2. "אני לדודי ודודי לי" - Ani ledodi Vedodi Li
  3. "ארץ זבת חלב ודבש" - Eretz Zavat Chalav U'Dvash
  4. "אשת חייל מי ימצא" - Eshet Chayil mi imtza
  5. "יברכך ה' וישמרך" - Yevarechecha Adonai, VeYishmerecha
  6. "לב טהור ברא לי אלוקים" - Lev tahor bara li Elokim
  7. "שמע ישראל" - Sh'ma Israel
  8. "ה' ישמרך מכל רע" - Adonai yishmercha mikol rah
  9. "עם ישראל חי" - Am Israel chai

These personalized Hebrew message stones serve as splendid tokens for Jewish weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, or any special occasion, whether for yourself or your beloved individuals. 

Each stone measures approximately 2" in length and 1" in height.

Please note that this listing is specifically for ceramic Hebrew stones featuring a quote of your choosing from the provided list.

If you require a larger quantity, kindly get in touch. It's important to note that the ceramic firing process necessitates up to 14 days for the creation of your unique stones.

When you're ready to make a purchase, simply add these enchanting ceramic pebbles to your cart, and they'll be on their way to bring joy to your loved ones.



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