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Boho jewelry One of a kind turquoise and brown ceramic ring - Ceramic jewelry Big ring


Boho jewelry One of a kind turquoise and brown ceramic ring - Ceramic jewelry.
Wearing this big ceramic ring is a great way to infuse your look with color.
This delightful hand crafted ring is made of clay integrated with colored glass inlays.

The molten glass of varying shades of blue and green was added during the firing process. The clay background glazed in a beautiful brown.
The aquamarine and green hues of the molten glass is extremely eye-catching making this a particularly attractive piece.

Each ring is entirely individual, having its own unique of colors and their positioning within the clay. Each change in placement of the glass gives a completely new look.

I enjoy this combination of clay and glass which gives a festive splash of color, a truly unique ring bringing great pleasure to the beholder.

The ring base is silver colored and adjustable.

Ring's flower measures approximately 2", comes in a gift box.

Each handmade flower will be slightly different from the picture and from one another, if you would like different quantity or different colors please contact me and I'll be happy to give you more options.

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