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Ceramic Hanukkah Menorah


No Hanukkah celebration would be complete without candles burning in the menorah. This new design of ceramic Menorah with turquoise platter would make your celebration even more special.

Make Hanukkah table special and personal with this Hanukkah Menorah golden round flowers set with one of a kind turquoise ceramic platter.
It would be a perfect addition to any table or any room around the house as well. You can also give it as a special gift for your loved ones.
This beautiful and unique set of ceramic flowers, handmade from stoneware clay and glazed in gold and turquoise.

The aquamarine hue of the molten glass is extremely eye-catching making this a particularly attractive piece.

Add personal touches to your Hanukkah celebration by owning this creative Hanukkah Menorah.

This listing is for the platter and 9 handmade candle holder set. Each item will be slightly different from the picture and from one another but remain as lovely as this one.
I do custom orders, if you would like different quantity or different color please contact me and I’ll be happy to give you more options.

Size: candle holders measure approx 1." in diameter

Platter measures approx. 11-12" length x 5-6" wide

Due to the ceramic firing process please allow up to 14 days for creating your special flowers.

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