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Ceramic stone with Hebrew blessing word


In a world that often whirls around us, we present you with moments of serenity, handcrafted with love. Our exquisite ceramic pebbles, each bearing a Hebrew blessing, bring a touch of divine grace to your daily life.

Each ceramic pebble, etched with Hebrew blessings, silently accompanies you, offering hope, protection, and gratitude.

Share the power of blessings with your loved ones. Our ceramic pebbles make meaningful and unique gifts for any occasion, a reminder that they are loved, protected, and blessed.

Each of these remarkable pebbles is a standalone blessing. However, when gathered together, they weave a tapestry of love, peace, and grace, enveloping you in their collective embrace.

Each pebble measures approx 2" in length x 1" in height


Due to the ceramic firing process please allow up to 14 days for creating your special stones.

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