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Orly Pittel
My name is Orly Pittel, I’m married and a mother of 3 beautiful children. In the past 10 years we live in a moshav (village) in Israel. 
Since I remember myself, even as a child in my parent’s house, creation was always there. My parents had a factory for knitwear, which was sold all over Israel. I understand today that my attraction to the handmade creation field started back then.

Until 6 years ago, I taught Computers networking in a college. Meanwhile I gave art workshops with ceramics and other materials.

Over the years I have tried working with different materials and techniques, but once I tried ceramic – I fell in love! It’s a wonderful feeling to take a lump of clay with no shape or color and turn it into a personal, lively and unique creation.


So.. I have decided to leave my day job and focus in ceramics.
This kind of creation offers me endless possibilities. I enjoy creating sculptures, jewelry, functional and decorative items. While creating I like to combine in my ceramic work other materials particularly from the nature, such as rocks, wood, glass and more.


One of my favorites is creating items for weddings. I’m so excited when someone chooses one of my creations for their big day!

The hardest part in my creation…Every time I turn on the kiln I literally count the hours and minutes till I can open it, and this kind of kiln when working with ceramics, has a LOT of minutes to count... In my nature I’m a kind of person who wants to see immediate results, so waiting is the hardest part of my creation process. For me, to open the kiln at the end of the process is like opening a treasury box with many colorful unique surprises …

At the beginning I gave away my creation to family and friends as birthday and special events gift, but due to increasing demand and friends recommendations I have decided to open my virtual shops and I got hooked! I love the exposure, support and the wonderful atmosphere in this new world.

If you are in Israel, You are more than welcome to visit me at my studio.

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