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4th of July decorations ideas

Posted on מאי 20 2014

4th of July is just around the corner and if you are looking for new decoration ideas, I guess you’ll like this post. I used the shades of red, white and blue in different ways. So, pull up a chair, grab your coffee and start planning your own 4th of July party.

As you can see in the following photos, I decorated with ceramic items which will add texture and visual interest to your table.

Placing beautifully hand crafted items on a table can create a lively ambiance in it, either if it’s a party at home or your wedding party.

Dare to try something new?  Take a look at the ceramic flowers, they are an unexpected twist that will definitely add colors to your party and actually they will bloom forever. You can express your style by incorporating the flowers bouquet as a table centerpiece, you can put one flower next to each plate, you can use the flowers a napkin ring or you can put them on the table to add a burst of colors.

Let these beautiful colors play together on your table. Add an aqua dish and give your table a powerful punch with this stunning color. Trust me, compliments will come with these one of a kind decorative items that give a new and refreshed look to your 4th of July party.

4th of July Party decor

 wedding decoration4th of July decoration

4th of july decor

4th of July party decor

4th of July table decor

red flowers decor

4th of July table decor

love letters

 party decor

4th of July wedding


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