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Nature is definitely my inspiration

Posted on אפריל 09 2018

After a long break, it's time to update the blog again.

Nature is always my inspiration!

If you know me, you already know that I love being outside in the nature and to take lots of photos.

It can be while walking with my dog in the mornings, weekends traveling, trips with my family or simply an afternoon walk on the beach.

And... all this time exploring the nature, spending time outside seems to be my inspiration. I can find myself exciting from colors, textures, shapes - nature has so much to offer.

Recently, when I looked again at some of the photos, I realized how much nature is always my inspiration for my creation.

I made some collages that show the connection between my creation and the nature.

Take a look, and go spend some time in nature as well :)

Art inspired by nature

Inspired by nature

ceramics inspired by nature

nature inspiration

ceramics by orly

flowers inspiration

ceramic art inspired by nature

ceramic sunflowers

nature is my inpiration



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