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Happy Independence day Day Israel

Posted on אפריל 15 2021

Every time of the year inspires and creates a different atmosphere.

This week marks Israel’s Memorial Day for fallen soldiers. At sundown of this somber day, there is a ceremony in Jerusalem in which the flag is raised from half staff to the top of the pole. This moment marks the switch to the occasion which follows immediately, the celebration of Israel’s Independence Day. It is a time of mixed emotions, and the linking of these two days is clear – we celebrate the existence of the state while remembering the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for it.

It is a week full of blue and white, the colors of the flag. I love Israel, and I am excited to celebrate this week along with the rest of the country, hiking, picnicking, and watching fireworks. These special occasions inspired me to create a bouquet of blue and white flowers – flowers that will bloom all year round. Happy Independence Day!

More colorful ceramic flowers can be found in this link

Ceramic flowers

Blue and white flowers

Handmade flower Inspired by natureCeramic monstera

Handmade ceramic flowers

Handmade flowers


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