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The viral floral focaccia inspired by my ceramic botanical dishes

Posted on מרץ 29 2020

You already know, how much I love combining nature in my work and I do it on a daily basis with my ceramic botanical dishes.

Last week, I took it one step forward and I decided to make botanical focaccia bread inspired by my flowers stamped dishes. That's what happens when you spend so much time in the kitchen because of the Corona virus limitations.

I uploaded it to my personal Facebook page and I couldn't believe how viral it became. More than 2000 likes, 1000 comments and 800 post shares. It was the first time I ever received such an unbelievable engagement.

Few days later, the botanical focaccia made it to the front page of the daily Israel news paper "Yediot" and inside the news paper, the featured me with my botanical ceramic dish and of course a recipe foe the focaccia.

How exciting is that!  
I'm looking forward to see many edible beautiful gardens on focaccias or any other ideas in the net as an activities with the kids at home.

Floral focaccia bread

Floral Focaccia

Ceramic botanical dishes

Playing with food

Ceramic dishes

Israel news paper

Ceramics by orly press


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