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Let me show you how colorful and unique Hanukkah Menorah can be

Posted on אוקטובר 29 2012

Every year we celebrate Hanukkah Holiday for eight nights. There is something magical in this holiday, the gathering of family and friends to light up the Hanukkah Menorah with colorful candles, singing songs together and the kids enjoy playing Hanukkah games, and I have not mentioned the calories yet … Yes, for reasons that related to the holiday tradition, we enjoy this holiday fried delicacies –  Latkes (potato pancakes) and Sufganiot (jelly doughnuts) that are favorite Hanukkah treats.

And just to make it difficult for us, every year more and more new tastes of the holiday’s traditional donuts come up …
Personally, I allow myself just two Sufganiot at Hanukkah holiday, and I can tell you, it is really difficult when Hanukkah lasts eight days of celebration.
This Holiday, I’ll have a huge problem, since there is more than one month until Hanukkah, and I’ve already done my annual quota,  I think you’ll agree with me that it is impossible to photograph Hanukkah Menorahs without tasting the Sufganiot…

So, I have created some new designed Hanukkah Menorahs, most of them comprised of nine separate flowers that can be arranged in any way you like, the design of the flowers is your choice. At the end of Hanukkah, this ceramic flowers will become a beautiful decoration for any special occasion.
Photographed by Eyal Geller

Hanukkah Holiday
ceramic Hanukkah Menorah
Hanukkah Menorah
ceramic Hanukkah Menorah


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