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Jingle bells, eggnog, white snow and of course- decorating the tree!

Posted on נובמבר 26 2015

Christmas brings with it so much joy and happiness filling each and every house with laughter and love and not less important- presents!

Before we can sit and relax in front of the fireplace smiling at all the children seeking the presents in the socks hanging or under the tree- we must buy the presents…

This Christmas I have decided to create one of kind items and make special and
unforgettable gifts. Although I do not celebrate this holiday, making tree ornaments and personal gifts for this time of year always excites me and fills me with the spirit of the holidays (although no sign for snow anytime soon here…)

Creating decorations and ornaments to hang on the tree is one of my favorites, houses and hearts in different sizes that make you feel welcome and loved- exactly how you should feel during this time of year.

house ornament

tree ornaments

christmas tree ornaments

I can just imagine the faces of the little kids lit up when decorating the tree and then
watching it decorated.

Then comes the most important part of the evening (besides the presents of course!):

I simply live looking at the decorated table filled with the delicious food, everything looking almost too good to eat. My special dishes are used not only for decoration but also for serving, each dish designed and created with special patterns- using lace cloths that my mom makes on her own. This technique creates individual and one of kind items- a unique and personal present to whomever you wish to make feel loved.

Ceramic dish

holiday diner


Wishing you a merry Christmas and a happy new year filled with love joy and lots of presents!


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