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After the holidays...

Posted on May 05 2016

The Jewish calendar is full of holidays. So full that in Israel we have a saying 'after the holidays..' that we use for almost everything:

'After the holidays I will have time for...'

'Let's talk after the holidays...'

'I would love to! but after the holidays...'

So If you were wondering where have I been the last few weeks, well- it was our Passover and I was so busy with an open house I had at my studio and now that it is officially after the holiday (we still have one more next week!) I have some time to rest, send out reservations and create new items!

ceramic dishes

ceramic flowers

ceramic cake stand

it has been intense going from one sale to another, having people over at my studio, packing reservations into the night- but as always- it has been fun and satisfying!


Many satisfied customers send me pictures of the items they have purchased, new buyers that I have met for the first time and would love to meet again and new items being created as I write!

Satisfires costumers sending me pictures of the items they have purchased

Stay tuned and follow for next weeks update on special white&blue items especially for Israel's 68 independent day!


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