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Spring is in full bloom

Posted on April 25 2021

Spring is in full bloom and it is so nice to see some color and fresh, green growth pushing through the soil. Every spring bloom brings a smile to my face!

Ever since childhood, when my grandmother would let me water the garden, I’ve been hooked on flowers.

Every day, without fail, I take a walk and stop along the way to photograph flowers. Each new flower gets a full photo album on my camera. It’s such a passion that you might even call it an obsession!

Flowers in Israel

colorful flowers

 garden life

spring bloom



Some of the botanical treasures from my walks and garden also make their way into my studio. I start imagining the varied colors that will be coming and thinking about what color scheme I will put in next ceramic project.

Recently, I’ve been hosting workshops in my studio where people can come and press flowers and plants into their own ceramic Botanical Plates, and paint them however they desire. These classes are wonderful for anyone in Israel, where I’m located, but even if you’re not local you can enjoy the beauty by choosing your own plate from my website.

ceramic plate in process

botanical plate

The plates are seasonal, according to which plants and flowers I find, so the color palettes change constantly. Keep checking back because there will be plenty of updates as the seasons progress!

The garden truly is my happy place, whether I am working in it or just sitting back and enjoying it. I know it contributes to my overall happiness, and I’m so glad to share pieces of it through my ceramics.

spring flowers


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