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Hanukkah is by far my favorite Jewish holiday

Posted on December 02 2020

Handmade Hanukka Menorah

Hanukkah is by far my favorite Jewish holiday. It was also my kid’s favorite, mainly because of the special holiday donuts (Sufganiot), fun games, and don't forget the chance for them to light fire lol … Today, they are all grown-up yet still will not give up on the yummy holiday treats!

There are so many lovely traditions related to this holiday, and I personally believe they give a decent “fight” to Christmas. 

The festive atmosphere around Hanukkah holds a unique array of heart-warming family gatherings and a sense of community. Even during these challenging times of Covid-19, when gatherings are more limited, we will not stop this magical tasty holiday from happening. 

Hanukkah Menorah

The holiday is celebrated a little differently around the world and it is fascinating to learn about all the specific customs. For example, the Latkes, in the US, are offered with applesauce. Some like it with sour cream. Here in Israel, we choose to eat them plain right out of the hot pan. Most times they don’t even make it to the plate lol 

The donuts have dozens of filling options, and each year, new and exciting flavors emerge. In my home, the all-time favorite is the Dolce de Leche and all chocolate combinations.

Hanukka Sameach

And then, there are the candles. They are so magical, it's hard to put into words. Every family has its own tradition regarding who lights them, how, and when. Some allow each kid to have their own Menorah, some take turns with each child lighting the candles on a different day, some light them together, etc. Everyone gets to take part and that is beautiful! The kids are mesmerized by the light and usually watch the candles until they go out. 

So how does it all relate to my work? Well, of course, I just had to create some unique Menorah designs!

The main idea behind my Menorah designs is modularity. There are literally endless options on how to set them. Really. You can arrange them in a different order every single day of the holiday, and moreover, throughout the year! 

Obviously, I incorporated my love for nature in these designs as well, Finding ways to bring nature inside. You can find in my designs leaves, flowers, the stunning color of blue which represents the lakes and oceans. One of the designs even has the plant press on them and they look like little fabulous flower gardens, in the heart of your home. 

Some of the designs are customizable so you can personalize your gift, or create your own family heirloom. 

Can't wait for this great holiday to arrive :)

Handmade Menorah


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