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Say HELLO to my super cute inspirational message stones.

Posted on September 17 2020

I absolutely love creating little personalized ceramic gifts. In my personal life, I make sure to always surround myself with lots of inspirational & motivational messages in various formations.

It what makes me a positive person. Keeps me smiling throughout the day. Cheers me up when I am down. Reminds me about all the good in the world … (which is so easy to forget).

Sometimes one word is so powerful, that’s all it takes.

 message stones

I draw my inspiration from everything I see around me. My daily morning walks are a big source. The flowers, the colors, the smells along with the never-ending blue skies.

Another incredible source of inspiration is the ocean. I feel so lucky and fortunate to live so close to it and be able to visit it so frequently. Do you also love the ocean as much as I do? Ha ha It fills me up entirely every single time I am there.

inspirationl gifts

Well, back to my pocket stones … these precious creations are handmade from start to finish just like all of my other works. Touching the clay with my hands is what leaves me connected to you guys, my customers. I am making these Yoga stones so you will be able to enjoy these moments as well.

And your loved ones too!

So many options, these positive message stones really suit every occasion you can think of. From birthdays to wedding favors, to graduation and more. You can even customize the message by choosing your own word!

I am currently working on two large customized orders for brilliant couple’s therapists!

I was very surprised and super exited to learn about this original way of helping people to open up about their feelings and deepest emotions.

What’s so wonderful about these stones is that you can really make whatever you’d like and want out of them – customize them to your specific needs. You would be amazed at the outcome.

For more information on the stones, click here.

powerful words

positive mind

 couple theraphy



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