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Happy Spring! It’s such a wonderful time of the year

Posted on May 10 2021

Happy Spring! It’s such a wonderful time of the year.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, my ultimate inspiration for all of my art is nature. To me, there is nothing more beautiful than a garden full of flowers, and I spend all of my free time in my own garden, cultivating and watching plants grow and thrive.

I am constantly motivated to make new ceramic objects that are a reflection of this botanical passion.

Lately, I’ve been creating a lot of ceramic flower bouquets. My idea is to bring the beauty of the garden indoors, so that you can enjoy the look of fresh blooms all year round, even in winter.

The bouquets are completely customizable, so you can choose any color and shape you like, and use your imagination to discover gorgeous new flower combinations.

You can even choose colors to match the interior design of your home, to best coordinate with your furnishings.

And the best part about these bouquets? They won’t fade, they won’t droop, and you don’t need to remember to water them, because they’ll never die.

If only Spring and all flowers in nature could last forever!

Click this link to find more detail of the ceramic flowers.


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