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Updates from the Studio and a Happy New Year

Posted on September 05 2021

Shanna Tova

As the Jewish new year is upon us, I’m taking a moment to slow down, take stock of the past year, and look forward to the year ahead. In this spirit, I wanted to give you a behind the scenes look at my studio, so that you can see the process behind the final product. 


I was especially honored to have been included in an article on Mako for top recommended gifts for the holidays this year! I’ve been so busy working on orders for Rosh Hashanah gifts, which are such a nice way to say Happy New Year. In particular, I’m loving these hamsot that say Shana Tova on them. Small but strong reminders for a sweet and prosperous new year. 

Hamsa from Israel

Recently I’ve been working on a new line of my houses with Hebrew letters. These small objects are such a joy to make. I love how colorful and cheerful they look, and it’s always fun to see which words customers choose for themselves or loved ones. 


Hebrew gifts
Shalom gift

Thank you in Hebrew

Similarly, I’m expanding this series to make houses with English letters as well, for the international audience. You can follow along in my Instagram stories to see how I work on these and other objects!

 As always, I’m finding constant inspiration from my garden and nature around me. I’ve recently made a set of botanical bowls with an endless variety of flowers and colors. I’ve made a set available for purchase, and the fun twist is that the set arrives as a surprise, random mix of bowls

Botanical dishes


I’m continuing to host and lead workshops out of my studio - groups of friends, families, bachelorette parties, and more have been coming to my place and walking away with beautiful creations of their own! Take a look below at some of these wonderful pieces that have been made by visitors recently, and book your workshop today!


סדנת קרמיקה
Ceramic studio
סדנת קרמיקה

I’ve also been working on a special set of flower motif stamps for clay, which will be sold on my site as well. This way any clay enthusiast can benefit from the scenes of a garden, even if they don’t have access to fresh wildflowers.


Botanical stamps for clay

On a personal note, I’m so excited to be renovating our kitchen. In fact, I’m going to bring the botanical inspiration into my new kitchen with a set of botanical tiles I’m making custom for the space. As we say, finally the shoemaker won’t walk barefoot!


Handmade ceramic tiles


Ceramic tiles in progress


Leaf ceramic tile
Handmade ceramic tiles for the kitchen




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