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White & blue - 68 years of independence

Posted on May 12 2016

Today we are celebrating Israel's 68th independence day. 68 years of wars, struggles, and  difficulties along with positive immigration, growth, new cities, new creation, new life.

Israel gifts

70 years ago the world was getting over world war two and no one even dreamt of an independent jewish state and here we are, standing strong , waving our white and blue flag with the star of david in between.

As for any other country around the world- our independent day is a holiday- a day we celebrate being free and safe. This time of year, without even noticing, I use more of the color blue in my creations- as if it is always there in the back of my mind.

Blue is a color that is associated with good luck, and white symbolizes something new- a fresh new start. Together they add color and special meaning to my one of a kind items making them even more unique.

My blue items are created all year long but on this specific day- they are more special to me and mean so much more.


Ceramic flowers

blue and white decorations

wood block letters


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