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Personalize the wedding day

Posted on July 05 2016

One of my favorite things is creating personal wedding items, cake toppers, ring holders, flower bouquet- items that have a special meaning and will stay in a couples heart and memories for a lifetime.

I get so moved and actually feel the romance in the air while making wedding items, packing them and waiting for the wedding pictures to arrive.

I love to read about weddings and learn about the new upcoming wedding trends and create new and special items that will find their way into the life of a new and in love young couple.

SAVE THE DATE - today sending out a wedding invitation and taking photographs on the specific day only is not enough. Couples search for ways to mark their special date and names and of course photograph the memory. My one of a kind personalized pebble will be just perfect for that!

 Thank you Micah & Mark for sharing the photo of your big day. Photography Free Spirit Foto

 personalized pebble

Ring bearer- What a special way to keep the rings until they are needed during the ceremony.

Place your wedding bands on this and nestle it in your ring bearer’s open palms for an intriguing addition to your wedding ceremony.

And also a lovely decoration for later- to keep the rings at night or to hang on the wall as a wonderful keepsake.

personalized wedding ring dish

Flowers - flowers have always been and will always be a big issue -and for a reason! Flowers add so much life and color to their surroundings making everything look more alive. My long lasting unique flowers can be used as a flower bouquet for the bride, and also for decorating the tables. Their color will never fade, and they will bloom and blossom forever- a lovely reminder of this special day.

wedding flowers

Wedding favors - Although the wedding is, and should be about the soon to be wed couple- couples getting married today search for gifts and favors to give their guests as a thank you. Love pebbles or miniature houses with love word will be the perfect way to do it.

wedding favor

The greatest thing about creating one of a kind items is that if you haven't found what you were looking for- I would love to create it for you, guaranteed no one will have the same one!



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