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New camera – New world in my ceramics photos

Posted on May 18 2013

So I bought a new camera, Canon 650D if you ask… Is this a reason to take more than 1000 photos in two days of my ceramics ???

I have to admit, I love taking pictures and with the new camera, it feels like a kid who is getting a new toy… yea!

Yesterday I went with the new camera straight from the shop to an amazing craft show in Tel Aviv – I had to check if the camera knows to recognize beautiful creations… and it does:)

In the last 24 hours I spent so much time taking photos of my ceramics, inside and out side of the studio. The following photos are just  little samples of I did with my new toy…

I already know, it’s a start of a beautiful friendship.


handmade ceramic home decor


handmade ceramic pomegrante


ceramic earrings


birds bath wedding cake topper


love you wedding cake topper


ceramic garlic ornament


flower napkin ring


studio decor


crocheted bracelet


ceramic tea light holders


ceramic bangles


ceramic ball beads


ceramic buttons


handmade ceramic buttons





ceramic mushrooms


love birds wedding cake topper


ceramic flower


flower decoration


ceramic home decor


home decor


bride and groom love birds


ceramic wedding cake topper


custom wedding cake topper


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