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Memories from Italy – part 1

Posted on September 22 2012

At this time last year we were on a family vacation in northern Italy.

We found ourselves in an area with blue lakes, snow-capped mountains, beautiful cities, and breathtaking views.
As you may already know, I really love the combinations of colors and Italy is simply a celebration of colors!
The colorful houses, the pastoral landscapes, the rustic small villages and towns that you can walk in them for days and enjoy every minute of it.
There were times we had to take a deep breath to believe that the landscapes we look at are real and not some part of an amazing painting.
And I …  I just couldn’t stop taking pictures … not only the pictures of special sites, especially the pictures of the simple things that made us smile.
These photos were taken at Stresa and Orta S.Giulio, lovely villages by the Maggiore lake.
The last photo is my version to some of the streets I loved so much.


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