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How to choose the perfect wedding cake topper that will add unique touches to your wedding day

Posted on September 28 2012


Wedding cake toppers are an integral part of a wedding’s theme and the “mood” you want to set for your ceremony.

Most brides dream of their wedding from childhood. Your special day will be one of the happiest moments in your life; so naturally, attention to the smallest details can transform an ordinary event into an unforgettable wedding. The most exciting of details is the individuality the cake but most importantly the cake topper!

The cake topper is the finishing touch of your wedding cake, and nowadays many couples prefer custom cake toppers to complete their special occasion. Custom cake toppers add the perfect balance of romance and happiness. You can have a wedding cake topper monogramed with your and your groom’s initials. A stylish and personalized cake topper, what could be more perfect?

When it comes to your cake topper you’ll want to impress your guests that leave them talking about your wedding for quite a while. However, My personalized wedding cake toppers don’t just show off your wedding decorating style; they are also a keepsake that you will cherish for a life time.

Some brides donate or sell their unwanted wedding decorations, but with my handmade and one of a kind cake toppers, you can not only keep it as souvenir of your special day but they are so gorgeous that they look wonderfully displayed on mantels, decorative shelving, and display cases. Now, fast forward 5 decades from now. My toppers are long lasting and never lose their shape or color, therefor would be the perfect on your 50th anniversary celebration cake.

Personalization of your cake topper in your wedding is certainly a nice touch that shows extremely good taste.

Do you want your wedding to be the talk of the town for years to come?

Adorn your wedding day party with this exquisite cake topper. I create each one from a design I developed over years and I will customize it especially for you!

I offer a very wide selection of wedding cake toppers to choose from; each one with their own sophistication, character, and style…

So, which one of these cake topper is your favorite?

  • Love birds cake topper
  • Swing cake topper
  • Tree cake topper
  • Mushroom cake topper
  • Dove’s cake topper
  • Bird’s bath cake topper
  • Hedgehog cake topper
  • Bird’s family cake topper
  • I DO cake topper
  • … and many more 
Personalized wedding cake toppers
tree wedding cake topper
wedding cake topper
tree wedding cake topper
custom wedding cake topper
ceramic wedding cake topper
tree cake topper
love birds cake topper
doves cake topper
ceramic cake topper
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