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All the leaves are brown…

Posted on December 13 2015

Leaves are one of my favorite in this season of the year.

I simply love waking up in the morning and drinking a hot cup of tea in the garden, enjoying the cool wind of the fall morning.

A special thing I love about this magical season is- leaves! The way they change their color from green to so many shades of brown and yellow, falling from the trees and leaving a trail on the ground.

Most of my work is inspired by nature, and I tend to collect objects that I find in my garden or on my daily walks with my dog and use them in my studio.

I use leaves in many ways- I mold and create decorations shaped as different kinds of leaves, coloring them in the beautiful shades they are naturally in.

Ceramic leaves

fall leaveshandmade leavesbrown leavesCeramic leafceramic leaves
I also use leaves to create dishes and items with the texture of the leaves- pressing the delicate leave into the clay and saving its special texture creating a one of a kind item- just like the leave itself.

These handmade leaves are perfect to achieve a country feel to a room, shelf or any diner table in your home by putting this fun ceramic leaves ornament on display.

Ceramic platter

So make yourself a hot cup of tea and enjoy this wonderful season.


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