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Playing with miniatures

Posted on December 21 2015

Playing with miniatures - how fun!

miniatures display case

When my kids were little I was fascinated with life and wanted to build a whole world for them- just like when I was a little girl.

They could play for hours with dolls, making up stories and creating situations- some from memories some from real life.

One of their favorite games was playing with miniature figures.

Miniatures became their true love they would play, rearrange and build streets and towns with small houses and small people. These games became collections when they grew up, we had a huge box where we kept all the miniature figures we collected, and sometimes even played with them.

Today miniatures still have a big part of my heart and also in my work. I love creating small figures of everything- especially small houses.

These little miniatures felt like the whole world to us- this is one of the reasons I in grave personal messages on them- making them a special gift to a special person somewhere over the world that will receive this miniature and enjoy it, just as we did.

Lately, I felt like the miniatures in my studio deserve a special place to be featured in, so we built this wooden miniatures display case.

Actually, now... I find myself rearranging my miniatures in their new home almost on a daily basis, it's so fun :)

So excited about it, what do you think?


 miniatures display case

dream houses

ceramic miniatures

miniature houses

 miniature mushrooms

 miniature cupcakes

miniatures display case

rustic houses


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