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Getting married in 2016? Personalize your big day!

Posted on February 01 2016

Getting married is one of the most exciting and memorable events of our lives.

Deciding when and where, choosing the dress, hair and makeup, tasting the food choosing the music, wedding decor, choosing a cake topper to reflect your love- all of the very important choices that will make the specific day a special and unforgettable day- not only for the bride and groom but also for the family friends and all of
the guests.

unique wedding cake topper

ceramic wedding cake topper
bird cake topper

While the bride and the groom expect checks and presents on this day, it has also become very common to give the guests gifts, favors that will remind them of this event- dated magnet pictures, thank you notes- there are many ideas for special gifts and presents for the wedding guests. When inviting someone to celebrate with you your wedding, it will be a wonderful surprise to give them a thank you present and also another great way to make sure no one will forget your happy occasion.

love favor

love houses

Adding unique and one of a kind ceramic decorations is a wonderful way do it!These items will help personalize your wedding and differ it from other weddings and are also a great memory afterwards. Ceramic items will never fade or become old and will always remind you and your guests of your special day.

Decorate the tables with special unique ceramic items and give them away at the end of the event for a memorable and outstanding event!

custom ring dish

bridesmaids gift

alternative bridal bouquet



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